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Aim: There is a mass curiosity of all people regarding how humans got here, or how we came to be. People who practice Islamic belief strive to attain this information. They believe that wealth is not meant to be an aim in life. People who are very wealthy tend to be stressed and have many more family issues than those who are of the middle class. “Could the acquisition of wealth guarantee happiness? Of course not” (“Purpose of Life”). They worship Allah in hopes of obtaining the information needed to succeed in this life as well as the Next Life, and the people who practice Islam, are Muslims.

-Elizabeth Nadeau

Audience: The obvious audience of Islam would be the Muslims who practice this form of religion. All over the world, people have different views and ideas on how we got here, which isn’t a bad thing or a good thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and religious beliefs. The term Islam literally means “...total surrender, submission, obedience, purity of heart and peace” (“Purpose of Life”). Therefore, that is what Muslims live by and are extremely faithful to their religion.

-Riley Thompson

Historical: This faith began in the seventeenth century and rapidly expanded. It has now become one of the worlds major religions. It is believed that Muhammad, the messenger of God revealed a message that there is no God but Allah. Throughout the span of this religion, Muslims live by the Qur’an and use it as a guide on how they should live their lives. In the 1970’s, “they came to be viewed in many areas as a dangerous militant minority that could disrupt society through terrorism” (Wuthnow 383-393). However, later on, Islam was known to be a very important part of mainstream politics.

-Melanie Jones

Cultural: In the Islamic culture, it is believed that Abraham and his wife could not have a child for she was unable. Therefore, she had her maid bear a child of Abrahams, but soon after, Abraham and Sarai left before the baby was born. The baby’s name was to be Ishmael. Later on, Abraham received the covenant from God explaining that he would be the “father of a host of nations” (“The Culture of Islam”). Then said that they were going to have a child and would name him Isaac. To this day, he is seen as neither Muslim or Jew, but simply an ancestor. As explained above, it is believed in the Islamic religion that God’s messenger, Muhammad, received and told a message sent from God himself that there is no other God but Allah.

-Riley Thompson

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