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King Zahir Shah

Mohammed Zahir Shah was an influential figure in Afghanistan, reigning as the last King for four decades. Robert Green from Encyclopedia Britannica states, “Mohammed Zahir Shah, king of Afghanistan from 1933 to 1973, provided an era of stable government to his country” (Green 1). King Zahir Shah created a stable government in Afghanistan by undertaking a number of economic development projects backed by foreign aid, mostly from the United States and the Soviet Union. He also maintained Afghanistan’s neutral position in international politics. Mohammed held great purpose in his country by bringing helpful reforms to Afghanistan and boosting the economy throughout his reign.

-Elizabeth Nadeau

In terms of King Zahir Shah, the audience is likely to be interested in historical information about the king and his previously reigned country. Shah holds great importance and has made a mark in history, pulling in readers to learn about his rule. Aikins from New York Times states, “Following his ascension to the throne he was given the regnal title He who puts his trust in God, follower of the firm religion of Islam” (Aikins 1). This being said, Zahir was an influential King of Afghanistan and the people put hope into his throne. King Zahir Shah was a powerful leader during his reign and made a strong impact that others want to know and learn about.

-Riley Thompson

King Zahir Shah is a major part of international history. He was the last king of Afghanistan and held a powerful role in his country during his reign. The Associated Press from New York Times says a major part of history was “the rise and fall of Afghanistan and during this fall, King Zahir was still around” (New York Times). This shows that the King took part in many crucial moments in history, including the coming together and falling apart of Afghanistan. He holds a greatly influential piece in history and still holds importance to this day, still being regarded as “the father of the nation”.

-Melanie Jones

The king brought an era of stable government to Afghanistan. He carried out many economic development projects, strengthening tasks such as irrigation, construction, and foreign aid. Zahir did not only have an impact on the economy, but also made a significant mark on the culture in Afghanistan. Abdul Hamid Mubarez, one of Afghanistan’s best-known journalists, states, “Zahir Shah was beloved by many people. For them, he was a mixture of Afghan and Western culture. He was educated in France and had a chance to observe the democratic system there” (Mubarez). In relation to Mubarez’ opinion, the King influenced his country in a positive way during his reign, bringing back progressive ideas through his education. King Zahir Shah demonstrated strong economics and culture throughout his ruling. In modern society, Shah has showed us right moves and wrong moves, like a game of chess.

-Elizabeth Nadeau

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