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There are two organizations in the name of Gregory Boyle to help students become successful in their own life. The Society of Jesus and Homeboy Industries are bringing young generations into their homes to fix their life around. According to Gregory Boyle, “JFF’s success demonstrated the model followed today that many gang members are eager to leave the dangerous and destructive life on the 'streets” (2). Boyle has developed another organization called ‘Jobs for the Future’ to clear the past for gang members in order to get jobs. Boyle organization are to create an environment that provide training and the opportunity for old gang members to work side by side inside of fighting with each other. Boyle is teaching people to transform their pain into a great cause. Take their passion of hatred into a passion towards greatness. The Homeboy Industry it the most successful gang intervention in the world that his plans are to go globally. Boyle is going to ignite the model of social enterprise, a therapeutic community, healing, intentional attachment repair and jobs training as an exit ramp to violence (Boyle 8).

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Gregory Boyle has created an industry where students in gang related groups can come to rehabilitate themselves to change their lives. According to Homeboy Industries, “This organization has engaged in 120,000 gang members and helped them to envision an exit ramp off the "freeway" of violence, addiction and incarceration. We have helped more than 40 other organizations replicate elements of our service delivery model, broadening further the understanding that community trumps gang -- every time” (6 Boyle). In Los Angeles, many young students are poor and drop out of school. According to the California Department of Education, “The rate of 9-12th dropping out among black high school students rose to 43.5% and to 36.1% for Hispanic/Latino students in 2009. In East Los Angeles, over 53% of adults never completed high school” (3). Boyle has focused on unsuccessful students to improve their quality of life. The students who drop out don’t realize how much other care about them. Usually, when a students fall into the wrong hands each individuals is crying out for help. Boyle purpose is to teach others that it’s not too late to change your life. Everyone has the same chance at success but it’s about how much effort an individual is willing to put in the completion of school.

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Gregory Boyle has become a citizen of the Jesuit community. Jesuits are known for spreading around the word of Jesus throughout Europe. According to the Jesuits, “The Church needs you, counts on you, and continues to turn to you with confidence, particularly to reach the geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach or find it difficult to reach” (4). Boyle is using his religious views to minister people in hard to reach places in order to change the heart of the people. Its hard to teach someone a different routine when someone is doing the same routine everyday. Boyle is trying to teach the dropout students in Los Angeles that Jesus is alway there when you need someone to talk to. Everything has to change when the world starts to change but each person needs to embrace to change. Jesuits job is to show the world how kind a person can be instead of getting a bad rap for the way they promote their religion. The education about religion is the cornerstone of the Society of Jesus since 1540’s when the spreading of their religion through Europe.

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Many citizens of America are realizing their future is based on the decisions they make in life not the ones their parents set for them. There is a trend in Los Angeles where more and more students are dropping out of school. According to the California Department of Education, “In East Los Angeles, over 53% of adults never completed high school” (3). It’s not their parents fault the adults weren’t able to complete high school but there own. Without the pus to complete school, students will show no interest in attending. Each cultural in the city of Los Angeles has different problems then from the cities next door. Everyone needs a role model to follow to get to the place one wants to be. Each city needs to follow a system in order to develop their own culturally accepted model. Gregory Boyle states his plan “Together with other organizations across the country, we are building a network, widening the circle of kinship, and decreasing the marginalization of high risk members of our communities” (7). Boyle is offering session of education, therapy, abuse treatment, legal assistance and job placement opportunity to give each person a new start. Starting now about 20% of the students who come through one of this programs gotten back on their feet and found a house to own (Homeboy Industry 8). This program is changing lives of everyone who comes through to make the individual rely only on themselves.

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