Below you will find a sample response. Follow the example of a sample response EXACTLY how it appears for your answer to the statement AFTER the example. Credit will NOT be given if not followed to the exact format:

A writer is...

1. Response in 8-12 sentences.
- Your First and Last Name

Now it is your turn... Remember to follow the exact format of answering and answer in 8-12 sentences... Yes I will be counting and if I cannot read your answer because of faults in writing (examples: spelling, typos,text language) you will not receive credit.

Assignment for WEEK 1: Finish the following statement in 8-12 sentences and be sure to follow the exact format above.

Modernism is...

Scott B
Matt C
Amanda C
Jordan D
Dakota F
Scott G
Taylor G
Anna G
Matt K
Kayla K
Erica K
Bethany L
Bryce L
Ariah L
Justin M
Ryan M
Megan M
Connor M
David M
Alexandra P
Tommy P
Zachary R
John T
Stephanie T
Bobby W