1950's South Flannery o' Connor

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Schuyler Sloop

Flannery O, Connor one of the many great American suffered from a very debilitating disease. O' Connor's entire family had a genetic disease that traveled down through the generations to Flannery. In 1950 O' Connor had her first run in with this disease she had her first attack from disseminated lupus. The blood disease lupus is " A chronic autoimmune connective tissue disease that causes the immune system to attack the body's cells and tissue, which results in inflammation and tissue damage" (Wikipedia). This disease not only ran within her family but it was also the cause of death for her own father. People who have this disease do not often live that long the average life span is around four years after their first attack. From 1955 onward O'Connor had to use crutches to be able to walk. On August 3, 1964 O'connor had an abdominal operation that reactivated her lupus killing her. At the time of her death she was at the age of 39 and had lived longer than anyone had expected her to.

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