Top 5 Super-Heroes

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5. Blade
  • Strengths- Blade is a Vampire, making him extra strong and durable. He's really fast, and his unique ability is that he is the only vampire to be able to walk in the sunlight.
  • It is important for comic book readers to read this comic, because he's not real well known. It is important for them to read it because it expands their horizons beyond just the well known heroes.

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4. Spawn
  • Strengths- Fueled by powers of the underworld, and in bondage to a demon in Hell. Uses his limited powers to help mankind in a skewed sort of way.
  • It is important to read this comic because even though it is not real well-known either, it marks the change from 70's type comics to the edgier, darker 80's comics. Plus it has bad language and lots of gore.

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3. The Hulk
  • Strengths- Super strength. Also very angry.
  • It is interesting to read this comic because The Hulk is a Super-Hero, but does not like aiding mankind in any way, but is forced to through unfortunate circumstances. His uncontrollable rage leads him to do major damage to society, but he is redeemed in the end.

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2. Wolverine
  • Strengths- Heightened healing ability, and a skeleton made of adamantium, which is the strongest metal known to man. His other strengths include his temper and animal-like senses.
  • It is interesting to read this comic because he is portrayed so differently from the movies, which most people know Wolverine by. In the comics he is a short, irritable, drunk that has a horrible temper.

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1. Wonder Woman
  • .Strengths- Her main strengths are incredible speed, strength, agility, intelligence, and gorgeousness (the picture up top is a parody; Do disregard.). She has a lasso, bullet-proof vambraces, and in earlier issues, an invisible plane, which was later exchanged for a flying ability.
  • All comic book readers should read this character, although she's lost quite a bit of popularity over the years, because she was the mark of female superheroes being included in with the male ones. Her sex appeal was important for the time-period in which she was invented.

Top 5 Villains

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5. Venom
  • Strengths- Venom is a symbiote that can change himself to look like anything, and make weapons and web-slinging things out of himself. Uncontrollably violent, he is thirsty for Spiderman's blood...and brains.
  • It is important to look into this character because symbiotes are a large part of the Marvel Universe, popping into every series so far. Venom is one of the true villains of Spiderman.

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4. Carnage
  • Strengths- Carnage is the equal of both spiderman and Venom. He has super strength and uncontrollable bloodlust, which makes him a formidable enemy.
  • It is important to read this character because Carnage almost kills spiderman. Since spiderman is a major character, someone who can pretty much own him is worth reading about.

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3. Harley-quinn
  • Strengths: She uses her card-themed weapons to blast her way into anywhere she wants. As the accomplice and lover of The Joker, she enjoys protections from him as well.
  • It is important for people to read this character because she is tied into the batman world so thoroughly, you can't just take her out. As the best friend of Poison Ivy, and the lover of The Joker, she is key to the Batman comics.

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2. Poison Ivy
  • Strengths- Poison Ivy can use plants and toxins to help get her way. Her strengths also include gorgeousness to seduce people into doing things she wants them to do.
  • Her character is important to read because while she is in Batman, she pops up as sort of a moral character for batman. Her intentions are to save the environment, but she goes about it in a totally wrong way.

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1. The Riddler
  • Strengths- Not many, i'm afraid. He uses riddles to fool his victims and things of that sort.
  • He is important to read about because he is halfway key to Batman. He is a big part of the plot and even though he is not really that strong when compared to the Joker- Batman and the Riddler are interconnected through the series.